Our Medical Advisory Board



Scholarly advice and technical support is provided to The KSF by Dr. Daisy L. Alford-Smith. Dr. Alford-Smith, former professor at Case Western Reserve University, has served as the Director of the Center for Urban and Minority Health and has taught health policy and conducted minority health research. Dr. Alford-Smith has also served as the Director of the Cleveland Department of Public Health and the Summit County Department of Job and Family Services. More recently, she was the Chief Operating Officer for the International Commission on Health Care Professions in Philadelphia, PA. She provides input on program direction, assessment criteria, and brochure content.


Dr  Robert RichardsonDR. ROBERT RICHARDSON

Medical direction to The Kym Sellers Foundation (KSF) is provided by Dr. Robert Richardson, a nationally known African American Cleveland neurologist, recognized for his expert work with MS patients. Dr. Richardson serves as the chairperson of the medical advisory committee for The KSF, and he contributes regularly to the Foundation’s newsletter and educational seminars. Additionally, he serves as the treasurer for the Cleveland Medical Association.

Both Dr. Richardson and Dr. Alford-Smith provide their services in-kind to The KSF.