Organizational Description


The Kym Sellers Foundation (KSF) was established in April 2000 in Cleveland, Ohio.  As an Ohio not-for-profit organization, granted exemption status under IRS 501(3) and is dedicated solely to individuals in Cleveland area affected with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

The KSF was founded by Cleveland radio personality, Kym Sellers of Radio One’s WZAK. Kym was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1992 and has since been on a mission to increase awareness and to educate individuals and their families and friends about the devastating effects, as well as the care, treatment, and education of those affected by MS.  The KSF in 2000 out of Kym’s desire to increase awareness and educate others, more specifically, African Americans and other minorities who are affected by MS. Since its inception, The KSF has been dedicated solely to individuals with MS, promoting healthy lifestyles in order for them to develop to their individual level of potential.

Participation is open to all individuals and their families, who are affected by MS, regardless of race, religion, national origin, or socio-economic status. The vision of The KSF is to be an organization that has a meaningful effect and significant impact on the quality of life for individuals affected by MS; to be an organization that provides answers to troubling questions; and, to be an organization that increases awareness and provides education and information for those affected by MS.    The KSF provides outreach, awareness and education to individuals with MS and their families, in order to sustain a quality of life commensurate with their potential.